About Us

C-Tribe is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing underestimated economies by celebrating diversity and helping more innovative and creative people achieve their dreams. The programming intends to create a sonic space supporting innovation in many verticals. Currently, C-Tribe operates in the tech, music, culture, fashion and gaming verticals.

C-Tribe’s flagship activity is the annual presentation of its namesake festival & conference, which has occurred since 2017. From the beginning, C-Tribe has distinguished itself as a gathering for original and avant-garde programming that captures the essence and excitement of the city where it takes place. In terms of content, the festival’s range strives to be diverse and exists to encourage collisions at the intersections of creativity, culture, and commerce (hence the “C” in C-Tribe).

Press releases

Colliding Creativity and Diversity at Edmonton’s C-Tribe x Tech Festival

The C-Tribe x Tech Festival & Conference, backed by RBC, Ciroc, Edmonton Regional Innovation Network, Innovate Calgary, Edmonton Unlimited and... read more

18.07.2023 • By C-Tribe Society